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heavenly father I come to you with a special prayer request,God I am so grateful,thankful,and bless for everything that you have bless me with,but now I need you more than ever.
Father God I really need your powerful protection against my Money Hungry, 2 face,evil,and nasty mother of mind,and please give me the patient and strength not to SNAP ON MY EVIL,PATHETIC,LYING, AND TOXIC BROTHER OF MIND,from this day on he is DEAD to me.
This boy is so paranoid and pathetic, he is the biggest liar and a con artist that I ever seen in my life besides my mother,
Father God he needs to STOP talking about me behind my back,telling lies on me, trying To Get the people who live here in this house to turn against me.
And I guess it's working because lately my other brother was kind of standoffish with me and I have a big feeling that he had something to do with it. This boy is a con artist a liar and he jealous of me and the funny part is he thinks that somebody always talking about him when he is a non factor in my life.
He is really pushing my buttons and he needs to leave me alone and keep my name out of his mouth,Father God I want everybody in this house to see the lair who he really is,acting like he doing so much,when we both know he ain't doing nothing
And as long as the money around my mom believe anything that he say!!
And I am so sick and tired of his bullsh*t
I'm sick and tired of his LIES about me I am tired of making up lies on me and I'm very sick and tired of his smart comments he makes behind my back I can take it no more God I really need you to protect me before I lose it and do something that I could regret for the rest of my life but I want you show everybody in the house the lies that he tell I want you to expose him so they can know what they dealing with
So keep them both away from me
Especially while she is on her drug and alcohol binge
Father God please bless me and the people in this house, with peace and peace of mind and No Drama
please bless me with your powerful protection against both of them please be merciful with towards me God and blessed me with your powerful protection and defense from her nasty words that comes out of her mouth
DONT let her start talking about Brothers need to stick together, because I do not want to hear that anymore
When it comes down to one person and that one person is Travis
He is the one who causing the problems and the conflicts around here
Do not let her wake up in the morning and start accusing people of stuff in his house especially me don't let her say anything to me I'm about if I drunk something out of the refrigerator and to not let her accuse me I'm eating food because you know how she do.
Father God please I need you to protect me from Travis before I do something to him that is going to cause him to lose his life I am so sick and tired of him bothering me and pushing me to my limit I need you to punish him to make you realize that he needs to grow up and leave me alone because I'm not bothering him
do not let him talk about me behind my back especially to his drug addict mother. Cuz he loved the startup drama and tell lies on me, and I am trying my best not to **** him up
So That's why I need you because I'm going to lose my cool and kill this boy I can't take no more I need you to protect me and I really want you to show everybody that he is a con artist,who tells so many lies and he is childish and Petty
Do not let her wake up in the morning and start causing drama because you know how she do
Especially about food and beverages thats in refrigerator
Father God
Heavenly father please DOn't let NOBODY IN THIS HOUSE DO ANYTHING BAD TO CAR
Because you know how people are around here in this house and in this neighborhood
So please
I am begging you father to please bless me with getting away from all these people in this house
And start finding me somewhere to Stay on my own
Father God please do not let my nasty evil mother start acting crazy locking my father out of the room telling him that he needs to find somewhere else to sleep tonight when that is his room so l
please do not let her start up no kind of drama please because you know how she gets when she's on and off her alcohol and drug binge
do not let her call my phone and say anything to me about giving extra money or leaving me any kind of messages talking about extra money
Father God please be merciful towards me and please bless me with answering this special serious prayer request in Jesus name amen.

by Darrick

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