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Father forgive me! My heart is totally wicked and evil, the more i learn about you and what not to do the more thoughts i have to do exactly what i know you wouldnt want me to do, but i fight fight to stay on the right path in this wilderness we call life. I get a victory in 1 place and evil is always around to try and knock me back down. Cage me and keep me in bondage to old things that I know I've defeated. Drinking isn't a sin but it's easy to slide back into drinking too much. Sex isn't a sin as long as you're married and aren't committing adultery but what is adultery? We were taught that it is a woman cheating on a man or vise versa but the only way a man can commit adultery is to sleep with another man's wife. The closer I get to Yah and the more battles of the mind I have, but the scripture keeps my head above water even though it seems I might be drowning. Women trying to fornication with me, beloved discern every spirit so I can see they are a whores, nothing more that a nut. We can't be fornicators for it is written. (Ephesians 5:3 fornication, and all uncleanness, or covetousness, let it not be once named among you, as becometh saints;) we are held to a higher standard so we have to keep fighting against the things that our flesh wants to do. Israel! COME OUT OF YOUR SINS OR DIE IN THEM. REPENT AND CONFESS YOUR SINS TO THE FATHER IMMEDIATELY IF YOU FALL. IF YOU'VE KNOWN THE TRUTH DON'T TURN BACK OR YOU WILL DIE! DON'T PUT YOUR HANDS TO THE PLOW AND TURN BACK. IT WOULD BE BETTER IF YOU HAD NEVER KNOWN THE TRUTH AT ALL.

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