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Lord Jesus, you realize that i am looking to you for future financial blessings, i thank you for the many that you have already given! Also, many others desire greater financial blessings from you. And, if it is your will, i sincerely pray that those requests will be granted and used wisely, and unto your merciful glory.

Yet, father, the above is only secondary, as to why i come to you with my prayer, at this time: it is because i wish for others to see "the lesson" that you have shown me, by way of President trumps troubles and many self inflicted woes.

Lord jesus, haven't most people heard the expression that, "money isn't everything?!" so, by way of the President, may many come to see the very essence of that expression.

Almost the entire nation has suffered for the brief amount of time that he has been in office. Some worry about nuclear war with north korea: others, regarding healthcare, the environment and other meaningful concerns. So many groups of people have been greatly insulted on an ethnic and personal level. The nation is falling apart!! And the only thing that appears to be getting better is the stock market! All else is going down hill real fast.

*Yet, our President is very financially wealthy, powerful and physically fit!! And yet, as i write, the President is likely one of the most miserable persons in this great nation. And there are likely few intelligent people who would trade places with him, despite his billions.

*Jesus, speak to him please.

*Bestow mercy unto him. And offer your salvation to him. Get his family through. Because, they suffer along with him... They are caught up into all that is happening, regardless of if they agree or not; what can they do lord.

Grant forgiveness. And for the time that remains to him in office, urge and help him to be a better President "to all" the people. Rather they are legal citizens or not.

Father, heal those who have been hurt by his words and his deeds!! Which does include those who voted for him with the best of intentions and have come to deeply regret placing their trust in him...some are embarrassed by him.

Again! May the lessons of this President not be lost on your people.

** Yes, it can be needful and fantastic to have plenty of cash. But, money does not buy happiness, it is not everything. And no amount of money and status, can get Donald trump out of the many afflictions he is experiencing right now. Afflictions, brought on by his own deeds and ignorance! Despite attending the finest schools, and having the so- called, best of everything that " money can buy" all of his life.

Have mercy on all of us. Remind us all that only you are our true hope.

Thank you, praise you, father god, lord Jesus. Amen❤ Praise you, for leading me to pray.

by Anonymous

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Prophesy are being filled the end is here . Stay alert pray and watch worstthg to come. Let us not get caught up of binding and releasing but instead be caught up at the Rapture of the Lord is here soon to see

Joel | on Jan 12, 2018

Thank you for your thoughtful and insightful comments. Please pray for us all.

Anonymous | on Jan 12, 2018

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