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lookie here Peeps ..
having Faith and Believing in
God .. Jesus -n- the HolySpirit .. is REAL!! ..
one must have .. True Faith ..
one must .. Truly Believe ..
for .. IF NOT!! .. You Have Nothing!! .. Period!! ..

I now this to be true
through my own personal experiences ..

me: 56 yrs old .. male ..
I have endured 5 heart-attacks within
the last 5 yrs .. 3 of which are within this year ..
2 were major .. widow-maker -n- right coronary
which had damaged the left and right side of the heart
really bad .. to where now .. I endure
congestive heart failure .. 40% usage of my heart
which is very weak .. my ef output is 10-15% max ..
(a normal ef output is 57%)
along with heart disease .. coronary artery disease ..
hardening of the arteries .. major neuropathy issues ..
diabetes .. high blood pressure ..
according to one cardiologist .. he figured that I would
have died 6 months ago .. but yet .. I am still here ..
he said that whatever it is that I am doing to keep
doing it for obviously it is working for me ..

it’s called Faith -n- Believing in
God .. Jesus -n- the HolySpirit ..
maintaining daily prayer . giving thanks daily ..
keeping a positive happy lifestyle .. laughing daily ..
keeping the love beating within my heart for
God .. Jesus -n- the HolySpirit ..
that is why I am still here ..

get Rid of the Negativity in Your Life ..
get Rid of the so called Negative Friends ..
(who really aren’t Your Friends)
Be .. Your True Self ..
and not the Fake .. False SocialMedia Self
that so many display nowadays ..
again ..
have .. True Faith -n- Truly Believe in
God .. Jesus -n- the HolySpirit ..

Amen ..

have a Great Evening Peeps ..
the Best to You ..
Prayers are being sent Your way ..

by Diabetic Heart

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