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Lord I was ready to give up yesterday. That entire night I stayed up and said "I was not ready for this test,maybe I could gain some knowledge over night but I ended up falling to sleep. Lord I woke up so angry. I kept telling myself "there's no freaking way I'm gonna pass this test" I was so sure I would fail that test that I put zero effort into my appearance. Lord I dident even brush my teeth. I thought my step dad was driving me to the place just to set me up for failure. He's never home Lord he only had gave me 2 lessons in a entire year, but expected me to just "pass this test like it was nothing". So I thought I would fail because "2 lessons wasn't enough"!. Lord I thought he was crazy, I was so scared to fail because the anger I would cause him. I was so nervous that I wanted to cry. I did not speak to him the whole ride to the dmv..I couldn't even make eye contact with my step dad because I was so mad at him I just felt like punching him in his face. For not giving me a fair chance. I felt the worst feeling... As soon as we pulled up to the dmv He ran out the car and arrived earlier just so I could instantly take my test. That made me even more mad. In the beginning of the test I did not study the lights car symbols like I could of so as soon as the instructor told me I was wrong I thought "I failed" I just kept accepting it. I made at less 3 mistakes during that whole test due to nerve and "rushing" ..even though he was "nice""to me i did not trust him. So as soon as we drove for 5 minutes and he told me to turn around to go back to the dmv..I knew I failed..I just knew it. I was waiting for him to say "sorry but you did this wrong now come back in a few weeks and take it over"..but Lord once he said that I passed. I froze💎. I felt emotions that I've never felt in my whole entire life. I froze. My mind was gone💬 it felt like a dream😴. I ran in the place to take my picture in disbelief. I have never been that happy in my entire life😆. I couldn't even talk. I lost my voice💭. My emotions were so high. It felt like a dream..because a entire year I worried, I wanted it so bad, it felt like wining a million dollars that moment. I always said that if I passed I would cry but I felt your spirit Lord I felt the holy ghost inside me instead. I felt so spiritually relieved. Lord I got what I wanted because I prays your name. 😩👏🙌 I never saw you Lord like I saw you yesterday. You shine down on me..and gave me what I've always wanted..Lord because I had a bad test..lets be honest..but you came in when it was driving instructor was a angel sent from heaven👼..for him to look in my miserable eyes and give me my licences. Lord I was way too in a shook to prays this man..but may you bliss him!!..may you bliss me..I know having a licence could be a blessing but also a curse. Lord I pray you keep me Jesus name I pray Amen🙌😫👼📖

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