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Father, please urge Michael to call me, I Pray in Jesus Name, Amen.

by Anonymous

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Why? Isn't he engaged to someone else?

You let your heart overrule your mind. The Holy Bible warns about trusting the heart over mind.

Try to work on recovery from your heartache. You are making yourself miserable dwelling on what you once had.

"Let it go...
...if it comes back shares your love;
If it doesn't...
It was never yours.

Anonymous | on May 01, 2017

Michael isn't engaged. We were together for a few months and everything was so good. My ex boyfriend from ten years message me asking for forgiveness. I accepted his apology however Michael admitted he got jealous. I tried everything to make him understand and he kept pushing me away. It's been six days and yet he hasn't called once.

Anonymous | on May 01, 2017

As much as I try to stop thinking about him I really can't.

Anonymous | on May 01, 2017

Oh. My apologies for my confusion and mistake. My heart aches with yours as I've been in similar situations in the past (loving, wanting, desiring someone to return the love, care, concern I had given and thought had been in the other previously and not getting the reciprocation). For some of us it is difficult to turn off our feelings for another. It doesn't seem fair that sometimes we encounter others who can seem to do this far too easily with us.

I don't know Michael's excuse or reasoning, but it seems he is/was using jealousy of your ex as his excuse to break ties with you. In my early twenties I had a boyfriend of about 4 months start arguments over trivial things. It was a complete turnaround from his previous behavior. I thought he had a problem he didn't want to discuss or share and was taking it out on me. I found out from a friend of his how true that was, but the problem was me. My then boyfriend didn't want to break up with me and break my heart, so he decided to try to get me to break up with him by becoming disagreeable. It was unthinkable to me how one could want to spare my heart by trying to cause me to hate him. I fear something similar is happening with Michael. If he has unfounded excuses for not talking to you, please look at all possibilities whether you understand or not. You may never gain full understanding. Even though I saw the reasoning of my ex years ago, I still have a hard time understanding. I had thought he was above being so deceitful.

I pray our Heavenly Father will bless you through this and bless you with meeting the mate he has chosen for you before this year is done. Agapé.

Anonymous | on May 02, 2017

Sorry to hear. I contacted him and he kept pushing me away in a very rude manner. I have chosen to let go of him and allow God to send me a soulmate who is really into me for the right reasons. God forgive Michael for acting like he loved me just to get what he wanted.

Anonymous | on May 02, 2017

You have chosen to let go. May our Heavenly Father strengthen your faith, endurance, and resolve. May He also protect your heart, mind, and spirit.

Anonymous | on May 02, 2017

Thankyou very much, God bless.

Anonymous | on May 02, 2017

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