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God I am so sorry I'm so thankful I'm so scared I'm so filled with 1 million emotions right now I need to make it through this day and this weekend I need to survive please Jesus bless J in this house and texted every single thing that wants to cause grief and sorrow and pain and anguish and stress and death please let us get through this weekend please let no one come please let us survive this please amen

by Anonymous

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Dear Jesus Christ,please deliver this lady who wrote this prayer request from vain iimaginations and mental failure in Jesus name.

Anonymous | on Apr 30, 2017

I am so sorry that you feel that way again I am praying from my heart at my lowest point
Try uplifting people as opposed to bringing them down as Jesus would want
God bless you I will pray for you

Anonymous | on Apr 30, 2017

I see no vanity in the original prayer request. As to imaginings, the commentor has no substance of his/her claim. What the commentor inappropriately and rudely considers "mental failures" are the pleading of a sad tortured soul who is reaching out to God.

It is vain to write words of critical condescension to someone asking God for help. The comment was inappropriate and uncalled for. May our Heavenly Father help the original poster, and may He provide the unfavorable commentor with a little more compassion, understanding, humility, and tolerance.

Anonymous | on Apr 30, 2017

Thank you so much for helping me clarify what I thought was harsh and inappropriate it hurt very much because I was and am already so raw with sorrow
But I too realize a small person made the comment and I have since prayed for them
Thank you and God bless you I will pray for you as well

Anonymous | on Apr 30, 2017

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