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Heavenly father Thank you so much for everything that you do for me,everything that you done for me,and still doing for me,you are so good to me(all the time) I come to you with a special prayer request,asking and begging you to please protect me from my nasty, evil, heartless and deceitful mother, the last time when she was coming off her drug and alcohol binge, she attacked me with her hurtful& heartless words and comments, even though she gave me a pathetic apology, the things that she said to me still hurts to the core, and now I am realizing that I'm not going to be able to get over what she said to me , until I get out of that house and away from her,she is so heartless and so cruel and evil, it's like she has an evil spirit! and that's why I want that spirit away from me, father God I want her to stop trying to start drama with me, because she doing everything she can to start up an argument with me,just so she can attack me again with her abusive, heartless, mean words, she feeds on putting down others especially me, I am trying so hard not to be disrespectful towards her and not to snap on her which can cause me to go to jail for life,God I can not fight this lady,because she is my mother and you have to have a certain amount of respect, regardless on what the issue is, so the only thing I can do is come to you father God, you are the only one that can fight this lady, you are the only one that can protect me, from everything that she does to me, you are the only one that can defeat her evil, cruel, heartless spirit, and and father God you are the only one who can fight this battle for me,so im asking and begging you to please bless me with Her leaving me alone,please make her stop trying to start fights with me, make her stop stealing things from me especially when I'm at work and she going through my things trying to make me angry so she can set up an attack on me, make her stop trying to slow me down when I'm trying to get out that house in the morning, please keep her out of my pockets, my wallet, my accounts, and my personal business, father God I want to be invisible when it comes to her attacking people,father God please protect me from all of her money-hungry ways, please protect me from all of her lies that she comes up with to scam people out of their own money,and protect me from all of her con games that she comes up with trying to get money out of me,while she save her money for drugs and alcohol.
Father God please do not let her TRY to start up any kind of Drama with me,especially like she did last time,calling my phone leaving me those unnecessary nasty massages,please stop her from doing that to me trying to steal my joy and my holy spirit
God protect me from all of her disrespectful words,ways,and actions
I am doing everything I can to get out that house and away from her but Father God I can't do it without you
father God
all I want is for her to leave me alone, God I really truly need you answer this special prayer request
In Jesus Name Amen

by Anonymous

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