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To my heavenly father,my almighty,amazing and wonderful God,I come to you asking you for Peace,especially in this house tonight,please don't let my nasty, evil,& heartless mother give my father a hard time tonight,because he needs his rest,just like everybody else in this house,PLEASE DON'T LET her LOCK HIM OUT OF his roomAnd please don't let her start up anything crazy,foolish and childish please stop her from arguing with him and please don't let her start up anything with me either,please let this house have Peace and quiet,God please continue to bless me with staying healthy and strong,please don't let my father get sick,and please just let him leave that evil lady alone before things get ugly Im asking you and begging you to please don't let the devil spirit get in this house,like it did earlier today,please stop it from happening again,please shut that evil woman downΒ tonight and let everybody in this house get some much needed sleep,please don't let her wake-up in the early morning hours acting crazy,childish, and being disrespectful and please don't let my nasty evil mother lock my father out the room in the morning especially when he is trying to get ready for work,please don't let her wake-up in the early morning hours cutting on the television,waking him up being childish and nasty,God please make that evil lady cut off the television so everybody can get some sleep!!!!God please please please make her stop,!! And make her fall asleep.and please don't let her start up anything Crazy with my father,and please bless him with the willpower and strength to deal with her and please don't let him crack and please bless me with her leaving him alone,and STOP TRYING to start up a fight with himGod bless this house with NO FIGHTING,NO ARGUMENTS,NO DRAMA,AND ONLY peace in this house,God Make her CUT THAT TELEVISION OFF SO EVERYBODY CAN GET SOME SLEEPGod please please don't let her start up anything crazy with me or my father,I am begging you father God please bless me so God please hear my cry for help and to please answer this special prayer request In Jesus name Amen.

by Anonymous

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