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I have been manipulated by people all my life. Pray I won't commit suicide!

by Anonymous

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God is with you please don't kill your self it just not worth it god have great plans for you

Anonymous | on Mar 25, 2017

Do you wanna kill yourself because of what others have done to you, that does not make any sense, does it? Are you saved and born again? If so, have you asked yourself what the Lord would do? :-) That's right, He would forgive, forget, bless and love! And so can you, you know, and also love yourself as He does!

***Shma tefillahti Abba*** | on Mar 25, 2017

Learn from your mistakes & grow. Do you think your abusers will feel bad if you suicide? It's not likely. Sure, it'll remove you from your earthly torment, but it doesn't change those who hurt you. In fact, it would give them the victory over you, as it is the devil influencing them to be as they are.

I pray our Heavenly Father will protect you from all forms of use, abuse, hate, & evil intentions. I pray He will bless you to have an extra measure of strength, endurance, discernment, & wisdom, and the ability to use these effectively.

Anonymous | on Mar 25, 2017

It'll not take any "earthly torments" away from me if I should decide to kill myself, it'll take me to hell, cause it's murder!

***Shma tefillahti Abba*** | on Mar 26, 2017

"Earthly torments"do not compare to the torments of hell. Condemning someone to hell is not for me to decide. Only God decides who He will cast into hell, although Christ sits on the Mercy Seat for He has the authority to intercede for us.... If one commits/attempts suicide, there is a chance that person may change his/her heart/mind and ask forgiveness even up to the last moment before death.... Now, warning one of the possibility of going to hell would be acceptable to God. As the there may be no opportunity to repent at the last moment. We should be compassionate toward our brethren and try to correct with scripture and lovingkindness. Let the loving light of our Father shine through us. A suicidal person need help, love, and our patience to understand his/her hurt - for the pain is real and should be seen as an attack of the devil and his minions.... Shma, as a believer, I ask you take any disagreement to the Lord in prayer. I seek not to anger anyone and I offer my words from a heart of agapé love. I do not claim to know what God will decide - I only know what I have learned from my limited understanding of His Word.

Anonymous | on Mar 26, 2017

:-) I know how it is to be suicidal, as I've been there myself many years ago, and I also know that it is a demonic attack as well.. from the spirit of suicide.
My heart ache for this precious person, therefore I felt urged to speak the truth here, as that was the way out of my messy life, that a brother in the Lord once dared to speak the truth to me, so I could wake up for real, and finally get strong in the sum of God's word and in His Holy Spirit, and be able to go against those evil spirits in His Name! :-)
He also healed me and sat me free, even when I got help from Him to forgive, forget, love and bless. And all this I wish for this valuable person.

***Shma tefillahti Abba*** | on Mar 26, 2017

Then we both understand how it feels to be suicidal and the penalty faced if it is acted upon. We have the same goal in mind. Let us agree in prayer God will rescue this beloved child of His from suicidal thoughts and improve upon his/her life for His Glory.

Beloved child of God, you have two people who love and care enough to pray on your behalf. There are undoubtedly others joining us. Hold to faith in the power of our prayers and God's unfailing love. All of this can see you through your storms and you will emerge victorious. Accept it and be be a testament to His Grace and Mercy.

Anonymous | on Mar 26, 2017

I love you so very much, and My purpose for you is not death, but life! Life in Me, your Savior, in My word and in My Holy Spirit!
Please come to Me and let Me heal all your wounds inside, let Me fill you with My love, peace and joy, as I long to do.
I've seen all that you've been through, all your tears and sorrow, and My heart really aches for you. If you come to Me, I'll restore you and even help you to forgive, forget, love and bless those whom hurt you during the years, as I forgive.
Pour out your heart to Me, I care for you!

***Shma tefillahti Abba*** | on Mar 26, 2017

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