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Dear Jesus Christ,
I want to confess and repent all my sins, all.
But I don't know how.
I want to repent for all my mom's sins too, she is not a believer.
Please guide me this step by step.
I'm not bright, I need a lot wisdom.
Please show me everything I needed to do.
Thank you

by Forget Me Not

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You did. In the above.
Talk to God.
Thank Jesus for dying for your sins that you might be saved.
Say you are sorry for sinning.
Ask for help to not sin again.
You cannot repent of another's sins. Only Jesus can and did.
Jesus died for the sins of all. You may ask God to forgive your mom, but it is she who should ultimately do so for herself.
Perhaps, you should pray God bring her closer to Him and teach her salvation that she would accept Jesus as her Savior.
Ask God to plant a seed of desire to Salvation in her and help it grow.
All you need to know can be found in the Holy Bible, which is the Word of God.
There are many Christian websites you may visit that will help your understanding.
Ask God to lead you to the ones which will be best for you.
You are smarter than you think.
You and your mom are in my prayers.

Anonymous | on Aug 23, 2016

Thank you

Forget Me Not | on Aug 23, 2016

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