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To my almighty,amazing,and wonderful God,
God I come to you in my special time of need
God please be merciful towards me and bless me with YOUR POWERFUL PROTECTION AGAINST MY NASTY,EVIL,HEARTLESS,MONEY HUNGARY MOTHER,please keep her away from me and please don't let her ask me to buy her some cigarettes,don't let her call my phone and leave me any kind of messages asking me to buy her some cigarettes or can I help her out on getting some cigarettes, God please bless me with her not asking me if I'm going to get something to eat at night and can I pick her up something to eat.
did not let her leave me any kind of messages asking me do I plan on stopping anywhere to get something to eat because I am not buying her no food at all,God please keep her away from my money and please don't let her ask me for any kind of flavors rather its on a phone call or on my voice mail,
God please please bless me with her not asking me for anything,
God please don't let her try to start up anything with me on my days off,please don't let her ask me to take her anywhere and please keep her out of my money with her money hungry ways. So God please surround me with your love and protection
God please have mercy on me and protect me with your POWERFUL PROTECTION and Sheild
In Jesus name

by Anonymous

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Why can't you ask God to help her - change her into a better person? You would not be here had she not given birth to you. It is a cold heartless person who will not pray for God to help his mother when she so badly needs to be saved. Your prayer requests breaks the commandment that says, "Honor thy father and thy mother; that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee." Exodus 20:12.

Me, me, me, me.... It's all about you and what you want. God wants us to pray for others, too. You are so wrapped up in your own problems and refuse to see others need God, too.

Have you wondered why very few people press the "Pray" button showing they have prayed with you and for you? Think about it and adjust your attitude and your prayer. God doesn't serve you. You are supposed to serve Him. When you realize this and do and act accordingly He will help you even more.

Of course, you never respond to any of the good advice believers share with you. I can only pray you will do so now. Your brethren here do so to educate and correct you according to His Word.

Anonymous | on Aug 22, 2016

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