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Are there No moderators on here, Ever?
I see the same person/people posting abusive missives repeatedly, day in day out and Nothing is ever done to challenge or remove these vile people.
If I thought for one moment those posts were genuine I would never complain. However the fact that they fail miserably to moderate their own self speaks volumes about their antisocial personality, narcissism, and so on.
If moderators had bothered to monitor and address what's posted on here this situation wouldn't be as it is now. As it is, I am sick of seeing the same nasty posts relentlessly published here.

One last rant to the vile abusers:-
Shut up or Leave.

by Anonymous

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As far as I know there have been no actual appointed moderators. I think the last time this app was updated was 2012. It seems we are left to ourselves to moderate each other by hitting the "Flag as inappropriate" button. Or you can email the developer. There is an email address at the play store on the app page.

This app has the potential to be the best prayer app. I've looked at and tried others and always come back to this one. If more people would email the developer(s), then something may be done to improve this app.

Anonymous | on Aug 20, 2016

Whenever I've hit the flag as inappropriate button, nothing is ever done about the inappropriate posts. Also does the person know anyone's hit that button about their post?

It very much seems there are no moderators because of their inactions. Plus if we moderate ourselves, the offenders never take any notice of complaints put to them about their posts and continue the same offensiveness. It is No joke when there are people who arr so horrible as to ruin everyone's day

Anonymous | on Aug 22, 2016

I know. It seems the same way every time. It also seems as if the developer has created this very nice app and forgot about it in order to create other apps. There is an email address on the app page at the Play Store you can try. If others would join by sending email, perhaps the developer/owner of the app will once again work to improve it and address the above issues.

Anonymous | on Aug 22, 2016

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