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To my almighty,amazing,and wonderful God,I come to you asking and begging for your protection,strength,and guidance,God I really don't know what's going on in this house but what I do know is, I don't want no part of it,so please protect me from it,God all I have is you on my side,because no one else in this house have my back,so please be my protector,I feel like my nasty evil money hungry mother is starting up drama between me and my brothers again and that is something I do not want to happen,so I will keep my comments and my opinion to myself.God please don't let her attack my father,and please make her stop acting crazy,so everybody in this house can get some sleep,please God I am so tired of going threw this,everytime,when she comes down from her drug and alcohol sprees she likes to show out and act ugly to people and God that is not right,so please make her stop acting crazy,so my father and everybody else in this house can get some sleep and some peace of mind,God please don't punish me or my other family members in this house, God please be merciful towards us and forgive us for all of our sins,God I am begging you to please help me and my family in our special time of need,please God defeat my nasty, evil, heartless,money hungry mother and all of her nasty evil ways,

by Anonymous

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