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God I really need you right now,more than ever,God I really need you to please protect me from my nasty,evil, heartless,money hungry mother,God please bless me with her not to call my phone,once I leave this house,because she is trying so hard to kill me!please don't let her say to me "she needs her my money early"because that is a lie,please keep her away from me,please don't not let her attack me anymore with her nasty side comments,talking about me in the 3person,God real mothers don't do that.I can honestly say I didn't do anything to deserve this kind of treatment and disrespect from her,God how can a person who birth you be so cold,God please make her have a guilty conscious,and Please Keep that Evil, Hateful,Deceitful woman(my mother) away from me,I hate to have her in my present,she worships and praise the devil and his wrong doing,please keep that evil hateful woman away from me,we will never be the same again,God I dont want to have no kind of conversation with her anymore,I want her to leave me alone with her bipolar ways,God keep her nastiness and negativity away from me,God I am asking you and begging you to please(DON'T LET HER ASK ME FOR ANY KIND OF FLAVORS,DO NOT LET HER ATTACK ME OR TALK ABOUT ME ,DO NOT LET HER LEAVE ME ANY KIND OF MESSAGEs on my phone ASKING ME FOR CIGARETTES OR ANYTHING ELSE)
Rebuke that evil hateful deceitful woman away from me
So God please hear my call and please answer this special prayer request

by Anonymous

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