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Thai is a special prayer request for God's Ultimate Powerful Protection,there are no words to describe the pain that im experience right now,im at my breaking point and the woman who suppose be my mother,treats me like trash,I am so tired of her and her nasty evil ways,words and comments,don't nobody deserves to be treated like this, this is why I really really need God's ultimate powerful protection and shield against her and all of her nasty evil wicked ways,words and comments towards me.She worship the Devil& she is a drug attic bully who thinks of herself and she loves to put down her kids to make herself feel good,I tried to get along with her the best way I can but doesn't matter,she always manage to flip on people for no reason,acting like she is trying to do so much for this house but in reality she can't do nothing because she is a crack head with no soul,no heart and she has no feelings or respect for none of her children,ask God to be merciful towards and finally keep her nasty evil words,ways,and negative comments away from me,so everybody please pray for me

by Anonymous

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