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To my almighty God,this is Darrick,coming back to you with my whole heart and soul,asking&begging for your protection,and safety underneath your powerful wings,against my money hungry, nasty,disrespectful,cruel and heartless mother,God I really need you to protect me from her all of her evil ways, all of her evil words, and all of her evil comments before I SNAP on her and things go out of control,like last time,God you are the only one who loves me and cares about me,God you are my protector and the only one who can save me from this money hungry evil person(my mother)! keep her and her evil wicked spirit away from me,she has never ever been a mother to me,and I am not going out my way for her anymore! God please keep all of her nasty evil threats away from me,because I'm so sick and tired of hearing the same old song she sings everytime when she doesn't get her way,God please be merciful towards me and bless me with her not leaving me any kind of nasty evil messages on my voicemails,don't let her say anything else to me about buying a flat screen television,because im not buying one,God please bless me with the help that I need to find me somewhere else to live on my own,God please protect me from the evil spirits and the evil monster that lingering around this house,please don't let her attack me,especially in the early morning hours and morning hours God I am your child so please hear my cry for help

by Anonymous

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