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To my almighty,amazing and wonderful God,I come to you for a healing for my broken heart and soul,God I need you to bless me with your unconditional love,God please bless me with finding somewhere else to live,a place of my own
so I can get away from my nasty, evil,heartless,money hungry mother,God what bothers me the most is the fact that she can talk to my other brothers with respect,talk & laugh with them and not me,treating me like trash,all because my tax MONEY,what mother does that? When she takes the money I do give her and give it to the drug dealer,and buys alcohol so I suppose to replace the money she wasted (no ma'am) I am not going to feed her money just so she can talk to me, and i am not going to kiss her butt or give into her demands,God my feelings are hurt but I know that you will heal me,shield me&protect me from her, especially when she starts,and when she finished her drug and alcohol sprees,God please don't let her attack me with her evil ways,her evil words, and all of her nasty evil side comments,God please don't let her come at me with her bullying and con games.God don't let her say anything to me about getting another tv,because that is not going to happened,God please provide me with your ultimate powerful protection please protect me and my soul

by Anonymous

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