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To my almighty amazing wonderful God I come to you this morning,asking and s begging you to please protect me from my money hungrily nasty evil mother,God you are the only one who loves me and the only one who really do care about me,God you are my protector and I really need you to protect me right now,God please don't let my money hungry mother attack me this morning with her nasty evil ways,her nasty evil words,and her nasty evil side comments.please don't let her burst in my room and start making threats,please don't let her accuse me of lying,please don't let her say anything to me about going on craiglist to find another television,because there is nothing wrong with the television that I have now and she is not going to bully me into buying another television.God please protect me from all her money hungry ways and all of her con games&lies,she tries anything and saying anything she can to get money out of people,God please surround me with your love and protection against my nasty evil mother,but what really hurts the most is the fact that she treat me like trash and talk down to me but she can treat everybody else like gold and talk to them with respect,and at the end of the day I know that I haven't did anything wrong and that she will get whats coming to her because im a child of God and that why I know that you will protect me from her, so once again keep that nasty evil heartless woman away from me and don't let her try to steal my peace of mind,

by Anonymous

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