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I pray anyone who hacks into my computer or cellphone or in any other way to know my privacy all their families and friends will all die in car accident. Pray in Jesus name! Amen!

by Princess Chloe 👑

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Better to pray for their salvation. They walk on darkness control by the evil one. Jesus prayed for those and for gave those that severely beat and crucified Him. He asked to forgive them for they no not what they do. I ask u. Did they not know they beat Him and hung Him on the cross? Yes they did, but they really didn't know what was behind their actions. We r told that we wrestle against flesh and blood not humans as they are captives of Satan. There was a bus driver that deliberately and wilfully drove her bus on to the back of my car. I was going to report her and that's when the Lord spoke to me and said. Wouldn't it be better to pray for this soul who is in darkness? I did forgive and didn't report. Some months later my insurance company contacted me and said this woman reported me as having caused the accident. I told the insurance company what happened and they sent their investigator out to inspect my car. They intl turn dealt with her and the bus company. God took care of this in His Way and released me both emotionally and took care of the problem. Further I will only know in eternity what my prayers did for this woman as well. Love your enemies do good to them that hate you and pray for them dispute you.Go to and listen to the videos, may be of help.

Anonymous | on Jul 24, 2016

Can't pray that way.

Anonymous | on Jul 24, 2016

Unless we forgive He won't forgive us, Matt 6:14-15, Matt 5:43-48. Further, you will always be attached to the one who injured you. You cannot hate and have God at the same time, Read AL of 1 John, 5 chapters. This will destroy you not the one who hurt you. You need to forgive and release that person or u will be miserable and be out of God's will. Jesus said, If u love me, keep my commandments. You can tell God you want to forgive but you need Him to help bring your emotions in line with your choice to forgive.

Anonymous | on Jul 24, 2016

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