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this is Darrick coming to you all asking and begging everybody to please put me in your prayers,please ask God to bless me with not getting and now im worried because I do not want to get sick,please ask God to bless me with stopping my chest pains
please ask God to bless me with not catching any kind of stomach virus that has been going around,inside my house and at the work place,please ask God to bless me with keeping me strong and healthy,please ask God to continue to bless me with keeping my blood pressure down and help me with losing weight especially around my stomach,ask God to protect me with his powerful protection against all kinds viruses and please don't let me get sick,please ask God to be merciful towards me and to please answer this special and serious prayer request,so everybody please get on your knees and pray for me in my special and serious time of need,please ask God to bless me with losing my stomach fat,please ask God to bless me with getting healthy and staying healthy so everybody please pray for me and please ask God to bless me with not having anymore chest pains and no more stomach aches,no more heartburn, and please let me get some rest and sleep, and peace,please let me be able to get some sleep and rest
God please hear my call and answer this special prayer request
In Jesus name Amen

by Anonymous

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You need to know your position in Christ. See yourself in Christ. If you drew an outline on the floor of a man and then set into that man, that is what is meant to be in Christ. That is your position. Now that virus is an evil spirit. When u symbolically take your position, standing in Christ, then command it to leave. You keep standing it must obey. You must believe and know u have that authority. It will test u as it did Jesus in the wilderness. Eventually it left. The Lord showed me this over 15/20 years ago. I was constantly getting ill. I have not been sick since. It is rare that it tries, but when it does I take my position. The stupid thing will try to tell you its natural or take a pill. As God to strengthen your Spirit and grant u understanding. Go to and listen to the videos, may be of help. I believe it is video 10 that deals with your position in Christ

Anonymous | on Jul 24, 2016

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