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Dear Lord! Destroy her. Destroy all her life. You know she is an evil. She hurt others just for her love. I am innocent but why she hurts me. She also hacks into my computer to know my privacy. It's so dirty. I don't do anything wrong, why she can hack into my computer and know my privacy. She also cheats other just for more fame and money. She declares that she is MD PhD. But that's fake. She never has PhD degree. She just want to earn more money and fame! Dear Lord, You can know how evil she is. She is no necessary to live in the world. She just can hurt others and cheats others to earn more fame and money to satisfy herself. She is a homosexual, but she is not faithful. She hurts me. And she and her girlfriend always plan to earn money with any bad way to buy good house, enjoy life,travel around the world. Dear Lord, destroy her. Destroy all her life, her love,her money and all her health. Let her get the most serious illness. All the money she earns illegally just can buy the medicine to take. And she can not work and have no income. And become a cripple person. That's punishment and retribution she always hurts and cheat others that she deserves! Dear Lord! Destroy her. Don't let her live in the world to hurt anyone. Let her get the most serious illness and pay a lot money to buy medicine. Let her live painfully and can't have work and income. Then let her die and go to hell. Don't let her to hurt me any more. And please protect me. I pray so sincerely. Please destroy her love ,job, money and all her health. Let the people know her true face is so ugly and disgusting. Let her die and go to hell. Don't let her to disturb me any more. Pray in Jesus name! Amen!

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