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Father, I give up on meeting up with new guys. I met one last night never heard from him at all and now his just gone adding another hundred girls. I don't want any relationship or marriage. Thank you anyway for testing me all these years, I pray in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

by Anonymous

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You just never know when God or what God is gonna send it whatever it is ...dont give up ya just never know about tomorrow thats what makes lovn God so fun every day is a new chance for him to touch ur life in a special way

Anonymous | on Jul 18, 2016

That is so true. Thank you. God bless you.

Anonymous | on Jul 18, 2016

As an unmarried man seeing more than one person is his option. Only until he commits to you or another person as his "girlfriend, " he will have this option. Many young men prefer to "play the field" & date a variety of women as they may not be ready for marriage.... Just because he doesn't text you or call you the next day or even the next few days does it mean he is not interested. However, if he picks up vibes that you are looking for marriage or a committed relationship he may not be ready for, it might turn him away.... When you stop looking for "Mr Right" you'll probably end up with several good men wanting to know you better.... I pray our Heavenly Father bless you & the man He has chosen to be your life-mate to meet & become friends first & develop a strong bond according to His good will.

turnip_seed | on Jul 18, 2016

Thank you very much. We use to talk everyday however after we met he suddenly stopped. I don't understand why because the date went so well. It felt as if he was a soul mate we both understood each other so well. He can to talk to as many girls however to seem so interested and then so distant after for no reason was unfair. God knows his heart. I pray that his will be done.

Anonymous | on Jul 18, 2016

Whe he is the one you will be a new gift to him that will b all he can think sleep do keep all just you you will literally be making him have crazy love for you
Thats how u know he is the one God sends will make him 100% nuts over you and u will be everything to him 24 7 . Thats how u know ..dont settle for less bc less isn't the one you are supposed to be with

Anonymous | on Sep 01, 2016

U deserve that crazy love ..wait on jesus to send the man who has it for u

Anonymous | on Sep 01, 2016

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