Prayer Request whoever is reading this...I can really use intercession... I have been thru a very painful divorce over 12 yrs ago, where my 2 children were moved away from me...turning to God I somehow made it thru, and trusted Him with all my decisions...He led me to marry again, and after 5 yrs of being out of church, we went to her childhood church...within 2 yrs, the "worship leader" there had snaked his way into having an affair with my wife... she repented but is still cold towards me and favors being a mother over being a wife. ... I snapped and for almost a year now I have reverted back to my old ways before Christ, and slept with several women, mostly unprotected sex. ..I am mad at myself, at her, at the man, and at God...I am lost and hurting...please lift me up...Thanks for reading and listening....I am out of hope, out of faith, and out of belief...I need a miracle...I want to repent...I want my wife to love me instead of constantly tear me down, and then pretend like all is hurts...i need Jesus to perform a miracle in me, in my wife, and in our knowledge of The Bible is getting me nowhere...if anyone out there has any faith, can you please tell Jesus I need a miracle???

by Anonymous

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Pray for your wife and pray for your marriage. And give it to God. Put your trust in him.

bii2 | on Jul 16, 2016

There seems to be things in your background that is drawing the wrong people in your life. This was true of me until I deal with past issues Go to and listen to videos. Also download Chapter 11 and ministry tools. Gives some insight on some behaviors. Book gives much more, but should be a start.

Anonymous | on Jul 16, 2016

I will pray for you..

Anonymous | on Jul 16, 2016

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