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Hey everybody this is Alexis again coming back to you all with my whole heart and soul,This is a special prayer request for keeping me and Lloyd together as a strong unit,and him to be patient with me because I do not want to lose him,he is my angel sent from heaven just for me,so please ask God to bless the both of us by keeping us together, please don't let him get impatient with me or our relationship,please ask God to btless me with Lloyd not to cheat on me and to always keep loving me day by day,he is everything to me and I don't want to lose him or his love,please ask God to bless us with staying strong in our marriage,/relationship please ask God not to punish me for having good phone sex with him,because that is how we make our love until we get to each other, God please DON'T take any of my blessing away from me and don't let me start having problems with my car just because I had phone sex with the man that I love & cherish please ask God to be merciful towards me & keep me and Lloyd together and please bless us with stopping our little fights and miss understanding because I do not want to lose him,and can't live without him God please don't let Lloyd cheat on me please keep him with me because I can't live without him,and I will never ever cheat on him
So everybody please pray for us

by Anonymous

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Something is very wrong here. You are in bondage. He came to set the captive free. You have allowed yourself to become ensnared by the devil, 2Tim 2:26. If we live in sin, we will reap it back in many ways and not just with material but emotional damage and even physical, Galatian 6:7. You have opened a door and have allowed Satan to come in. You need to break this relationship. It also appears that you have a poor self image and have many undead issues in your life. Go and listen to videos. Jesus said you will know the truth and the truth will set you free. It's a deception of Satan to think u can continue in sin and think God would bless sin. You need to cut this off. Let's start working on you so you can become whole and healthy in Him. He is for you not against you but you must cut this cancer off before a worst thing happened.

Anonymous | on Jul 16, 2016

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