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Dear Lord! Please help me and protect me from any harm of that woman. She is a homosexual. She has a girl friend but still bother me. She hacks into my computer and cell phone to know my privacy and my affairs. She is a devil.She always declares that she is a doctor with PhD degree. But that's fake. All she do just want to earn more fame and money. Please destroy her. Don't let her to bother me and hurt me anymore. Let her die and go to hell. Let her lose everything she has, her love, her job,her money and her health. Let her be a cripple woman. Let the dirty money she earns to buy the medicine for her to take and to buy the coffin for herself. Let her leave my life and leave the world. Please destroy the devil. I really need Your help. Pray so sincerely. Pray in Jesus name! Amen!

by Anonymous

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You have been respectfully & lovingly informed of God's word in this numerous times by those here who pray on your behalf. Since you refuse to heed the word of your brethren when they share The Word of God with you regarding this repetitive hate-filled request of God, this has been flagged as inappropriate. Go back & reread the comments to reread what has been said.

I continue to pray on your behalf, but will not agree in wishing illness, harm, hurt, or death upon anyone or condemning anyone to hell. Condemning anyone to hell is the ultimate judgment, & only God has that authority.

turnip_seed | on Jul 13, 2016

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