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Sorry everyone. I didn't know how to respond directly to someone that is shooting me down for asking for strength and forgiveness for a lifestyle than should never had been. Please pray for me, and her (St Jude)

by J

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J, it's possible she jumped to conclusions &/or misunderstood. Please take that into consideration. I pray our Heavenly Father bless you both in guidance, wisdom, & understanding.

turnip_seed | on May 25, 2016

Thank you. Yes I did think about that. I didn't want to attack her or make her feel bad, but I felt that I should clarify on all the things she called me out on and she was very abrupt and saying things that weren't true. There are so many people that are even Christian, that feel homosexuality is ok and that God accepts it cause He made us that way (especially the younger generation). It is one of the biggest liberal lies and deceit that society faces today that satan wants us to think is ok and its growing. I don't treat anyone differently nor judge them (this is between them and Jesus) but I don't have to accept it either and as a Christian I am spreading His Word. Thank you for your prayers. %uD83D%uDE42

J | on May 26, 2016

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