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Yes, I understand your concerns & see much of the same. It is very disturbing, & I pray for this situation, too. I try to inform, update, & spread the word about the world situation as much as I can in my small circle, as well as to some others. There is still a chance this is all similar to the "....rumors of wars...." & can be staved off for a few more generations. It's scary, & I hope it can be & is for a very long time. I pray for a Reformation of & Resurrection of Christianity. It has become difficult for Christians in the world & appears to be getting worse. Will God save His children on Earth again from themselves? Let it be so, dear Lord. Let it be.

turnip_seed | on Apr 30, 2016

Amen. Thank you.

♡ I LOVE JESUS ♡ | on May 18, 2016

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