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Please pray for me. I need Jesus heal me for fibroids... I don't want surgery.. Thank you for praying 4 me.

by Claire

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Claire, if you can get vitamin E supplements & take them, they are supposed to help dissolve fibroids. The vitamin E may not totally dissolve them, but it should help.

turnip_seed | on Apr 08, 2016

I have asked our Heavenly Father to help you regarding this. Be blessed, my brother in Christ.

turnip_seed | on Apr 08, 2016

TURNIP_seed,Really? It will work? Thanks for let me kno. THANK YOU FOR PRAYING FOR ME. AMEN!!!

Claire | on Apr 09, 2016

It helps. In your case I'm not too sure, but it has helped me. I wonder why your doctor didn't suggest it? My doctor suggested taking vitamin E many years ago. Do a search online & see what the benefits are of vitamin E. It should mention it is beneficial for helping reduce fibroids. Read about it first, & if this is still listed, talk to your doctor about it. Some medical doctors may be hesitant to suggest vitamin /supplement therapy as many "alternative" therapies are scientifically unproven. It is always worth a try, as any improvement, no matter how small, is still improvement. I still have fibroids, but they are not as thick. I pray the vitamin E will help you, too.

turnip_seed | on Apr 09, 2016

Oh, vitamin E most often comes in a gel capsule. When I take the gel caps my skin becomes very oily. Some vitamin E comes in a tablet or capsule form which is better for me & hasn't made my skin as oily. So, if the gel caps give you excessively oily skin, you have the option to switch to the other form & still receive its benefits.

turnip_seed | on Apr 09, 2016

TURNIP-seed... No doctordid not tell me abt the vitamin E... Ok Thank you very nuch I will buy vitamin E. God bless

Claire | on Apr 12, 2016

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