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Dear God,
I ask that you show me someone's true colors and intentions were and you did. All the time I spent crying over this guy and now I feel stupid for giving him things I can't take back. My friends say he's not worth the tears but I can't stop crying and feeling hopeless. How can someone claim they care and continuously hurt me then place blame on me when they are the ones consistently ignoring me? I guess it never was meant to be from the beginning. I never can have a successful love relationship. He never loved nor cared about me. He used me until someone else came along. I'm so hurt inside please pray for me. Amen

by Tay💐

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Bless you, dear Tay. You can cry all you need. It's not so much the guy who cry for as it is for what could have been under optimal conditions. The conditions weren't optimal, nor was he. Thank God for showing you the truth about this person before the relationship became too toxic. I believe & pray you will have a successful love relationship in God's time. Don't give up. Believe, & you will eventually be blessed. You are in my prayers.

turnip_seed | on Jan 15, 2016

I doubt it turnip seed I give up on love. It's never meant to be for me. I'm better off alone. Thank you for the prayers though I truly appreciate it.

Tay💐 | on Jan 16, 2016

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