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Lord the pain in my stomach and digestion system is getting worse. My doctor prescribed a medicine I really didn't want to take. I'm already on another anti depressant and my Gastroengoloist prescribed another medicine on top of that. I haven't taken it because the pharmacist said it would be too much serotonin in my body. But it was prescribed for stomach pain. I'm in pain, I don't know what to do. Should I go to the er? Or wait until Monday to call my doctor? I can't eat because my stomach still feels full from yesterday afternoon. Lord I pray my doctor finds what is wrong do they can fix it. I'm tired of being bloated and feeling huge and yucky about myself. I hate it, I hate that I cannot eat the foods other people eat without suffering some sort of consequence in my digestion system. I have been suffering this pain on and off since the summer at least may/june 2015. Please tell me what to do.

by baforsy1227

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You sound really scared. I pray that not only your stomach probs are sorted out and cured, but also all your fears are lessened, calmed; & that God gives you his peace. Don't allow fear to rule the roost- allow yourself time to become calm before you make decisions (unless really urgent). I've had to learn this, after donkeys years of using panic as the first line of action. Nothing bad happens from waiting, and you could use your waiting time to pray, allowing God to guide

Bagpuss | on Dec 26, 2015

Thank you friend.

baforsy1227 | on Jan 08, 2016

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