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I am looking for a bike Lord- one that's "old fashioned" with a female frame and good handlebars, so I can manage it. Help me find the right thing to use for exercise... if not a bike then something easy to use and not "scary"! Help me find something that I can manage easily.

Help me find something soothing to help me get to sleep at night. I find it hard to relax due to anxiety and pain. Give me some way to handle these things. I cannot cope alone, you are the one Healer who cures everything and has the will to do so; & I ask that you're with me always, helping me cope with the things I have to deal with.

I'm tired tonight: send me off to sleep!

by Bagpuss

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There is a form of magnesium that is supposed to help with anxiety & sleep. I think it is also said to help foot nerve pain. If you like, I will find out & let you know. I saved the info somewhere & should be able to find it - if/when needed..... Also, melatonin helps with sleep. I take it almost every night..... You might find a place you can get them at a reasonable price.... I have a couple more suggestions, if you'd like to have them......

I hope you day went well.

turnip_seed | on Dec 25, 2015

Today went extremely well thanx t-s. Out for boxing day dinner, all ok this p.m. too. Xmas has gone far far better than I could of hoped for!

Thanks for the suggestions re: supplements....I'm on that many repeat meds from my GP that I've got one massive box for the ones currently in use and another for the spares, and that's just with 2 months' issue of them!! Plus the salad box in the fridge is ram-packed with I have to run everything by my GP. (The pharmacists and practice nurse prescribers all send me to my GP cos they daren't take the risk of prescribing. But I must say- you know ur stuff! Both things u suggest are absolutely spot on and very good, known to work. I've known people use them and have helped. Xx

Bagpuss | on Dec 26, 2015

I join you in praising God for survival through these stressful days. Whew, praise God, again.

I understand you having to get supplements cleared. Melatonin, if I am not mistaken, is not known to interfere with medication. At least it seems as if you've done some research, too. So, I won't bore you...... I will sometimes listen to what is called 'binaural beats' when I lay down to sleep. There are other types of sounds, tones, & frequencies I will use to help me sleep.....

I continue to pray our Heavenly Father help & protect you. I also ask He consistently ease any pains you may have.

turnip_seed | on Dec 26, 2015

I have a couple of apps with binaural beats too, and they're good.

With serotonin, that interacts too- alot of my meds are sedative as secondary effects eg co-codamol, chlorphenamine, pregabalin..... it becomes difficult. Even my GP, and my consultants struggle to know what to do cos I have that much wrong and am on that many meds.

Bagpuss | on Dec 27, 2015

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