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Father and Lord Jesus, please forgive me. I am so eager to help people that I ran ahead of You. I'm so sorry. And I had a dream that they were accusing me and now I know why Lord. Thank you for protecting me, and Lord, thank you for protecting others, long ago, from me. When they opened the doors to me, and let me into their homes, hoping to help me, they may have let more then just a JW in. Please God, my Savior, please - if I brought anyone into that cursed religion please redeem them. I beg you. Thank you for opening my eyes Lord. I don't know how I've lived until now, without You. It was existing, barely, but now I live and thrive because of You. Please clean this home and all of my animals and family and friends. Please protect us and continue to in the future. Thank you Lord. Please bless everyone on this app. In Jesus name Amen.

by I love Jesus

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