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Info: if anyone has any advice they could give for me with dealing with my family. Long story short we were all raised lds I became a Christian in 2006. My family was not happy about it. I found out my aunt and now my whole family is ok with and admits to talking to dead family and they "know things" biblically I don't believe they are talking to family but demons or they really all went nuts. There's no telling since I felt the evil vibe from my aunts I've been avoiding her she wants to meet and talk I don't want to go to her place and rather have her here she don't want to. My family does not understand why I'm against this. I love my family I forgive them but I don't know if I should just love em more or distance myself from them after I shared the gospel and told em God is against that and they still do it and are upset with me for it. Any advice or what not regarding this would be great. Thx


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I I'm a believer of god, and heaven.i understand your situation and you beliefs, but I talk to my mom and love ones from heaven. And there are times god talks to me also. You can call it a gift I was born with. Some people do have this gift. But if you wish not to believe, and stay away from family that's your choice. You will find out when you go to heaven. Bless you.

Anonymous | on Dec 22, 2015

Everyone must decide for themselves but make sure your desicion is Biblically supported. Most of Old Testament forbids talking to the dead. I don't have the answers, but the Bible does. Ask God in prayer, read the Bible. Dead persons who speak are familiar spirits and we are told specifically and very clearly not to be confused about this, and not to seek them. LDS church was formed on seer stones, and interpretations from familiar spirits. Look into the origin of the religion. Do not be misled. God loves you, Jesus loves you. And he warns us because he loves us.

I love Jesus | on Dec 22, 2015

This has been an ongoing situation in your family for a while. I understand your situation somewhat. I used to be in a similar situation with my own beliefs & actions. I gave up on those things on my own, although I'm sure my family was praying for me. All I can suggest is to continue to pray for them. Being family makes it difficult to put them away from you, but you can limit your interactions with them by refusing to discuss their beliefs with them, nor join with them in any activities which go against God's Word..... I pray our Heavenly Father will guide you & help you. I also pray He will intervene in the lives of your family members by leading them to turn away from all that is not of Him & against His Word.

turnip_seed | on Dec 22, 2015

Thank you all. I must follow God and his word. I know talking to the dead is forbiddon. Thank you. :)

SASC | on Dec 22, 2015

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