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Heavenly Father, wow! I thank you so much for all the blessings and the favor you've given me, I am so unbelievably grateful for you my amazing God! Lord I must first pray in the name of Jesus Christ for continued blessings, continued joy, continued strength, continued lessons in the word! I need you Lord, I need you to stay with me never leave me fill my heart my soul and my mind with the Holy Spirit! I pray in the name of Jesus for a firm relationship, a relationship that will guarantee eternal life with you Father, I pray in the name of Jesus for everlasting happiness, blessings and to love the way you want me to live Lord, I know you are the only one who knows how we all shall live, I want to speak, walk, talk love and think like you Heavenly Father! May all the glory be to you, Father I pray in the name of Jesus my daughter gets this job, you've brought her this far I know she will be amazing in whatever she does, this new opportunity will be absolutely perfect for her to continue her education, Lord I thank you for blessing her! You're truly amazing thank you do very much Father for guiding me in the right direction, I pray in n the name of Jesus for continued power to use for good, for continued strength to not allow anyone to steal my joy, for continued support and patience to recognize good flowing in my life and to help others recognize the good flowing in theirs as well, I pray in the name of Jesus to help others seek salvation and your unconditional love Lord, no one should be without your love! Heavenly Father please watch over the Batiste family during their time of sorrow and hurt, please watch over my family, help Jabar beat whatever addiction he has please God, I pray in the name of Jesus you take care of my family , I Pray in the name of Jesus that you help Don see the true love you have for him, help him want more out if life, I pray in the name of Jesus that ethnie and I be together one day and live as we are supposed to Lord if it is your will help me to that path I pray in the name of Jesus that my financial difficulty ends soon Lord, If it is your will for me to keep my car I pray in Jesus name you give me the tools, resources or a miracle for me to do so I will not let you down Father, I pray in the name of Jesus that I learn to be prepared and recognize the frauds and not allow them into my life my heart or anyone's heart that I love. Protect them. I pray this in Jesus name Amen!

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