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Help me cope with the pain until my Dr has reviewed and changed it and get rid of the pain God please!

I've written and posted the letter for statutory reconsideration of PIP decision. Please arrange they give me higher rates for both areas. I've had to put in a letter from CAP about applying for insolvency so as to get more money for PIP. I have to prove I can't manage money. It's humiliating and embarrassing to have to send them this letter and upsetting.

Pls help CAP help me sort everything out to apply for a DRO. It's awful that I'm having to do this. It's all stressful.


by Bagpuss

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If you prove you can't manage money, who would be appointed to manage it for you? Would you have any say as to who it would be? .......I pray you are awarded a higher rate & approved for any & all assistance you need. I also pray if you are unable to manage money, then someone who is honorable, trustworthy, compassionate, & cares for your well being will be elected to manage it for you.

turnip_seed | on Dec 18, 2015

It's humiliating to have to explain to dwp about this. Btw I do have to have loads of stuff in place at the bank re: managing my money.

Bagpuss | on Dec 18, 2015

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