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Hello everybody, I hope everything is going well,this is Darrick& Alexis again coming to you asking and begging everybody to please put me in your prayers and ask God to forgive me for masturbating and watching ****,the only reason I do it is because that's my way for relieving stress,so please ask God not to punish me,rebuke me,take away my blessings(especially my car and my job) and not banish me from his presence just because masturbate,please ask God to forgive me for that,please ask God not to let anything happen with my car and don't let me start having problems with my car just because I watch ****,having phone sex and masturbating please ask God to be merciful towards me and wash away all of my sins,(past and present) ask God to bless me with his powerful direction and to never leave my side,so everybody please pray for me and ask God not to punish me for watching ****, and having phone sex with the man that I truly love(Lloyd),please ask God to have pity on me,and not to punish me,rebuke me, or banish me from his presence,dont take my holy spirit away from me, so please don't take any of my blessing away from me
Especially in the present and in the future please keep my car running and working good,ask God to bless me with keeping Lloyd and Alexis together,
So everybody please pray for me and ask God to forgive me for all of my sins

by Anonymous

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I think you're taking the piss,
Why do you repeat the same thing over and over
Wanking isn't something you have no control over and nor is Porno's, so if you really do wanna stop then just bloody stop!!!!!
But don't forget HE gave you hands%u270Afor a reason and%uD83D%uDC40eyes too
There's bigger things going on in the world other than your wanking.... OK???

😘LYDIA† | on Dec 16, 2015

You are both soooo funny!

I think I need to lie in a dark room! JK.

Bagpuss | on Dec 16, 2015

Repent of this just as your eyes are to your soul we have gates with which we can open ourselves up to the enemy to, such as eyes- what you look at. nose-smell,sniff. mouth,hands, feet, private parts.

Diamonds | on Dec 16, 2015

Lord I pray for this person for the gift of repentance that they will have your strength and power to turn away from this sin which easily gets the best of them. Lord I pray that their spiritual eyes be open and they seek your knowledge to break free of this sin in Jesus mighty name Amen

Diamonds | on Dec 16, 2015

Oh, come on! Wanking is not a sin. Use of porn can be addictive, and some benefit from going cold turkey to break it.

Bagpuss | on Dec 16, 2015

Btw I'm not advocating porn, these people are often in dire circumstances and were driven to "sell themselves". Giving them help to break away from it is good, but very complex as there are many difficulties to sort out.

Bagpuss | on Dec 16, 2015

Check out you tube it teaches spirits of incubus and sucubus,they are demon spirits who come and have sex with a person male and fwmale,after repeatedly masturbating, these spirits are also found in the bible. Thats why people have sex dreams and wake up feeling dirty,hot or heated up down there.
Hosea 4:6 My people perish for a lack of knowledge.
People there are some things that the devil doesn't want us to know. Amen

Diamonds | on Dec 23, 2015

Please check out John Eckhardt on you tube he has a strong annointing. He has written many books that deals with masturbation, etc...

Diamonds | on Dec 23, 2015

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