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Praying and pleading the blood of Jesus
Praying and pleading the blood of Jesus over me and all of our family, my daughter, my husband, all of our friends all the people we are praying for and told we would pray for and are praying for us, all the people who are in our lives everyday, all the people we know and for all the people in this world, put your angels all around us and to keep us safe from all evil, harm, heartburn and acid reflux, bloating of any kind, skin issues, diseases, problems, miscarriage, still born, birth defects, pregnancy issues, constipation, and ulcers,cheating/infidelity, injuries, drugs, drunks and drinking alcohol,accidents, bullying, smoking, drugs, passiveness, diabetes, lice, heart attacks, racism, discrimination, bed bugs, strokes, calamity, seizures, money making scams, over sensitivity, jealousy, dialysis,scams,overeating, obsesity, and gaining weight that is not good for our health and eating bad foods and drinking soda of any kind,spending money we don't have on things we don't need and using credit cards and getting in debt, illnesses,diseases, cancers, laziness,trauma, drowning, choking, complacency, and clumsiness,forgetfulness, gluttony,terrorist attacks of any kind, kidnapping, murders, mistakes, bad people, falling, fights, arguments, disorders, and anything else not good for us. I pray that God will protect us and keep us all safe and that we will all be more conscious and cautious. And we will be focused on what we need to do, we hear the Lord speak to us, we have knowledge and wisdom from the Lord. And we ask for your favor everyday . I pray we all are a light for you Lord. That you forgive us our sins daily, and help all of us to accept you as Lord and savior into our hearts in Jesus name. And live out the gospel everyday.I pray that we watch what we say do and think give us the wisdom to know what to say, what to think, how to act, when to speak and when to be quiet how to speak, how and when to make decisions, and put on the whole armor of God and give you Glory in Jesus holy name amen.

by Anonymous

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The power of Negativity, hey! God is in charge and you play into the devil's hands doing his job for him, driving yourself against God and towards the devil.

Bagpuss | on Dec 15, 2015

No, Bp. This prayer requests protection against all the negative things listed. These are this person's concerns. She also asks for help in doing & saying what is right & pleasing to God. Reread the last 7 lines & pray it for yourself. Take your time. Be blessed - both of you.

turnip_seed | on Dec 15, 2015

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