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Dear Lord! Why people always judge other's prayers! The prayers don't have any rules and not to be judge as right or fault. The prayers from their sincerely heart is the best. Not according and rule or the Bible. That's the true way that we close to the Lord! Not the fake words that just want to satisfied your purposes! Every word, every prayer is truely from the deep of my heart! That's the true prayers, not fake! I always bless everyone's prayer! And all my prayers that no one are qualified to judge because that's the true feelings between the Lord and me! I am innocent! My prayers to the Lord don't need any rule. Expect you are the Pharisee!And I am not! I still have an innocent heart just like a child. The Pharisee leave me away! The Lord don't like you, too. Pray in Jesus name! Amen!

by Princess Chloe 👑

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Hi dear for those who judge you thats their sin.Im sure God hears yr prayers n thats all that matters.see s we get closer to God the enemy too fghts its grounds.s d author of ephesians writes in eph 6:12 our struggle is not against flesh n blood but against the governmnts against d authority against d wicked spirit forces in the heavenly realms.

shining star | on Dec 12, 2015

Princess Chloe, I love your sweet prayers. It is obvious that they come straight from your heart. Don't stop posting your prayers & I hope you fall in love soon!

Lisa | on Dec 12, 2015

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