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Jesus you are Lord of all! You create, change, and keep all things have how many universes? to keep watching and caring for, you take a personal interest in everyone and everything. I don't always appreciate what you do and in fact am often not grateful or thankful, and I Should be! I cannot match your skill and awesomeness, and disappoint. There are many things I have done which have disappointed you, maybe even angered you; & I've said sorry and asked for forgiveness every time.

I am sorry for all my failures, and I ask you to pick me up yet again when I am down. I am nothing without you. Please forgive me for being a worthless moron. Help me become and stay normal, remove all the freakiness in me, all the nasty self-loathing and self-punishment. Create a new person within me, a positive mindset, hope instead of hurts, a clear-headedness instead of confusion, a mind which doesn't fight itself constantly. Take this Horrible person that I am and make me someone who likes myself and gets on with others easily. ....please Lord?

by Bagpuss

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God bless you and am sure he is looking after you. Amen to your prayer. Keep getting stronger, don't give up.

Anonymous | on Dec 10, 2015

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