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My father died 6 years ago from suicide I'm feeling super depressed today I just pray that I can get through this depression without any problems

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Dear friend
I just came across a story that might interest you.
Please read it. I will pray for your recovery.
May God bless your heart and you can see the light and joy of Christ.

Even in laughter the heart may ache,
and rejoicing may end in grief. %u2014 Proverbs 14:13
In Proverbs we read: %u201CEven in laughter the heart may ache, and rejoicing may end in grief.%u201D The traditional understanding of this teaching is that we shouldn%u2019t confuse fun with fulfillment or being at a party with being at peace. While we may be attracted to activities that look like fun, they won%u2019t necessarily fill our heart and soul. The material world can be enjoyable, but left unchecked, it can lead a person to an empty life, or even a self-destructive lifestyle.

However, I think that there is an additional lesson to be learned from this verse, one very relevant today. Scripture is not just teaching us something about ourselves, but something we need to know about others. Just because someone is laughing, doesn%u2019t mean they are happy. Just because someone appears to be enjoying life, doesn%u2019t mean they are ok.

In Australia, the country has instituted a national %u201CR U OK Day.%u201D The %u201CR U OK%u201D organization was founded by the son of a successful businessman whom everyone thought was thriving in life. However, this man%u2019s father was not ok, and tragically, he took his own life. When Gavin Larkin grew up, he wanted to do something positive with the tragedy of losing his father. He started his organization in order to get people to look at others beneath the surface and check in on how they are really doing.

Gavin wanted people to ask %u201CAre you ok?%u201D and really mean it. A lot of people need help, but don%u2019t ask for it. A lot of people look fine, but are not ok at all. By asking this one simple question, Gavin believed that future tragedies could be averted.

The Bible teaches us: %u201CDon%u2019t just stand by when your neighbor%u2019s life is in danger%u201D (Leviticus 19:16 The Message), and then immediately after that comes the command to %u201Clove your neighbor as yourself%u201D (Leviticus 19:18). We are commanded to love others %u2014 and love means not being indifferent to another person%u2019s pain. Unfortunately, we have come to learn as a society that when a person feels unwell emotionally, their life might be in danger. We are not allowed to stand idly by when someone%u2019s life is at stake, and so we must do what we can to ensure the emotional well-being of others, as well as their physical safety.

Today, pick one or two people to check up on. Ask %u201CAre you ok?%u201D and really mean it. Listen deeply when others speak to you and look them in the eye. Most of all, come from a place of love and concern. If we take the time to sincerely ask this simple question, we could change a life %u2014 or even save one.

Anonymous | on Dec 08, 2015

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