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I don't know why you have destroyed my life with this illness. I've lost one year of my life and had absolutely nothing but misery all year. Not a single day of happiness. After struggling through so much last year this is the LAST thing I've needed. I don't know how to function normally again. You haven't done ANYTHING good for me this year - not a SINGLE thing.

by Help me God

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Believe my friend that there is always a purpose of what you are going through. It is God's will and I think the best is still to come for you. Have faith in Him and His purposes will be revealed to you. God bless you. Amen

marita | on Dec 05, 2015

The bible says that "All things pass". Some pass slowly, some faster....but they All pass.
This year and the illness you speak of, both have passed slowly and I pray to God for you this ordeal will soon be over.

People walk through the "valley of the shadow of death". They are Shadows, not death itself; and shadows pass, too. I pray to God asking that the brilliance of his light (ie his love, peace, comfort, protection etc) be shining ever so brightly into your life and so move the shadows out. God heals, he cares, he is nice, & he likes you. He will make your illness and situation Right.

Bagpuss | on Dec 05, 2015

This has been a really bad year for a lot of people. Myself included. I pray in agreement for restoration for you

R | on Dec 05, 2015

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