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Make me refreshed Lord, I am tired. Weary of life being a drudge every day.
I get fed up of living some days, & see the bleak future ahead of me...I wonder when it will end, and if anyone will ever be bothered about me. I doubt anyone will, I am usually overlooked.

Give me something to live for, something worth trying for. I have nothing in my life, nobody is bothered about how I am or even whether I've eaten today or not. I hate my life. It is worth Nothing

by Bagpuss

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I understand this depressive, worthless, neglected, abandoned feeling. I've felt the same from time-to-time. It isn't easy to overcome when the signs around you seem to support that it's true. I still struggle with a "what's the use" attitude, but not near as much. It takes work to improve - more work than one feels like expending at times..... I am concerned about how you feel, & am only able to offer the best gift I can to you. My prayers for your health & well-being. Know this: you also have others who offer up their prayers for you. It may be small consolation as we are scattered across the globe & not physically near you, but many of us hold you close in our hearts as we ask our Heavenly Father for your blessings. I have. I am. I will.

turnip_seed | on Nov 23, 2015

Thank you for these nice words turnip seed. And my friend who posted this prayer please have faith in God's mercy. Your life will change at the right moment that Our Lord chooses. We are all here on this app one family, so feel free to communicate with us anytime you want. God bless you. Amen

marita | on Nov 23, 2015

Thank you both so much. I've had one thing after another go wrong for over a year, and I am now fed up of trying.
2 heart attacks, diabetes probs such as painful neuropathy in my feet, pressure ulcers, infected feet, very poor circulation; hospitalisation due to infection, allergy to penicillin which I'd previously been ok taking, unresponsiveness to 3 simultaneously given antibiotics via a drip and so needing surgery twice to cut infection out. My brother left me destitute- penniless and without food....I had to use food bank and beg mum for money.
It's been horrendously hard and I've had enough now.

Bagpuss | on Nov 24, 2015

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