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Father I've sinned again. Im so weak.I need you to give me strength and courage to turn away from my addiction. Father I've tried so hard to keep from it but I keep returning it.I know im a sinner and it hurts not only me but my family. Father I ask for forgiveness. Please please hear my prayers and help me to find a way to turn from it and not to turn back to it again.I pray for my family's forgiveness as well.Father please we have so much to deal with that we don't need family has so many burdens that they carry and they don't need mine.Father I pray that blessings come for all our prayers and a ending comes to the darkness.I know the blessings will come but its so hard to be patient. Father again please answer our many prayers. I ask in Jesus's name amen

by Anonymous

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What efforts are you making in your life to be pleasing to God? You have the ability to make your own choices & act upon them. Turning away from addiction involves a turning away from any who are involved with using &/or distributing your addictive agent. Professional help is advised, & there are free programs out there. If you are sincere in wanting to make a change for the better God will move to lead you to to the help you need. Addiction recovery will be a daily walk, & the best way is to walk with God along with others who choose to walk with Him.... Start looking for & finding things to thank God for. Practice developing an "Attitude of Gratitude." God wants to hear us thank Him & Praise Him. There is no thanks in any of your requests to Him. I understand your desperation. I have been in dire straits, too. It isn't easy to be thankful when in a pit of despair. Do it anyway - whether you feel thankful or not make the effort. It is a process, & it involves changing your thinking patterns. You attract what you think & feel. Train yourself to think more of pleasing God & being grateful to Him. As you do this you will begin to see positive changes..... My prayer has been lifted in the name of His Son, Jesus Christ, on behalf of you & your family.

turnip_seed | on Nov 21, 2015

I struggle with addiction... I understand your struggle

Anonymous | on Dec 13, 2015

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