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I don't even know why I'm living anymore. Such bad health, REALLY REALLY BAD HEALTH, no social life, no relationships, no friends, no career, no money, appearance completely destroyed. Why would you even allow this to happen to me when I worked so hard. Nothing I've wanted has ever worked out. Medical school didn't work out for me, being a helpful friend didn't work out for me, being polite and respectful to others has gotten me no where, I've never had proper money and now my health is ruined. I feel like the ultimate loser of a life and I don't know why you don't seem to bless me with anything when you see how much I'm struggling and how hard I work. It's like you just want me to commit suicide and be an embarrassment to my parents for a while until I'm completely forgotten about because no one contacts me anymore.

by JYT

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My heart.%uD83D%uDC94 knows your pain
I want nit to live anymore and that is the absolute truth

*Selah* | on Jul 05, 2015

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