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Dear God, i'm having family problems, my brother Brandon likes to do is pick up me and stuff, he's been spoiled his whole life and all that, he's been picking on me and calling me names, he's been picking on me years, my family spoils the kid Way too much, my mom all she did was treat him nicely but treat me really bad, mom loves him more than me, it's sad how my mother loves him, But she doesn't love me, what am I my supposed to do, everything I try to work hard for my brother always took everything away, my families afraid of him, my brother all he does is judges people, Lord I need your help? Just sick and tired of my brother being a spoiled, he's done this to me in the past, calling me names, calling me very hurtful words, it is just wrong how he does that, I need your help with all this pain because of my brother what he's putting me through? I don't understand what goes on, my brothers spoiled his whole life and he's always going to get his way, there's nothing anyone can do, this kid loves to says hurtful words to people, my mom lets him win, my moms afraid of him, I need some help to get out of this pain, everything I do my brother messed up everything, and my mom lets him get away with that, please help me Lord?😢😢😢😢😢😢😢, I pray in Jesus name amen, thank you so much for hearing my prayers

by Anonymous

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Dear friend the best thing to do is to pray for your brother asking Our Lord to soften his heart towards his family and guide him to God's path and His teachings of how to deal with you and all who know him. May Our Lord be always with him and with you. Amen

marita | on Apr 27, 2015

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