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God so depressed I don't fill like living anymore, I don't want to be married anymore. I can't believe that this is my life, I fill like just giving up. It's hard to talk to my wife, kids don't listen to me my job is is also depressing. My life really sucks in I'm only 28 years old. I can't believe this is my life. I need help, I'm crying out to you please help me.

by Frank

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I know what your going thru! I just had my heart broken..and my son doesn't do a thing I tell him and my job is nothing but drama..I'm so tired I'm heart really hurts..the last past week I wanna to die..everyone told me to be only 23 and i feel like im to young to be dealing with this many problems but I'm going to keep praying I'm gonna stay strong cause no matter what were going thru God will get you and i thru this.

Anonymous | on Apr 19, 2010

Frank, I am praying for you brother GOD is the truth and the only way. I too am going through some very painful things in my life but I've learned that GOD had to allow this pain so he could get my attention. God loves you and you must put him first in all that you do. Ask him to do a work in you and turn all the conditions, relationships, job stuff over to him basically ya gotta give all your burdens over and leave them we are not equipped to carry the load alone but with Christ who strengthens up you can do all things. Please brother hang on for the devil wants to rob, steal and kill you. Please suicide is a ticket straight to hell. You are precious to God he knows what your going thru. Call on him cry out he will honor your tears and he will help you through. We don't get it sometimes but often our situations make us stronger, wiser and God blesses us when we give in and call his name! There is nothing to hard for GOD I love you even though I don't know you because we are all one body of christ. I pray for you and your family and if you need a sister to call on please comment back in jesus name I claim you healed, restored and joyous and I bind suicide, death, the spirit of depression and I cancel every assignment satan had for your life in jesus name amen!

tashaproduces | on Apr 19, 2010

Jesus wants you, things will turn around, think if the good, how great you are, do somehing special to free yourself, I'll be praying for you

christianrocker | on Apr 19, 2010

Be strong Frank I'm praying for you god hears you.

Hope | on Apr 19, 2010

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