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Please pray that God will heal
My body completly of this skin disorder I have that makes me look like I have chicken pox when I don't!!! It's really hard to deal with and look normal when looking for work and going on interviews!!! Please pray that interviewers would look past this and still hire me!!!!! Although I've been looking for years now for a job and nothing!!! I know I must perservere until God delivers just a little confused as I have no more money no car and I'm living with my family member who never has any money to do anything but beg for money from another family member for help to survive!!! Kinda in a desperate situation needing miracles to happen! So far Gods been using my aunt to provide for us obviously given ultimatly by god thru her!!! But me why hasn't God provided work for me yet???? I'm afraid I'm being a bad witness to my family by being so needy!!!! But at the same time how will I ever get anywhere unless God does a miracle in my life. I'm afraid I'm missing something that there is something ignoring God speak to me!!! Pray that I will be obedient and do this!!! Wierdest thing is I sense God calling me to
Cleanse my moms house Spick and span and then go get a minimum wage job that "still" even won't provide for my living situation!!! I'm hestitat to move completly forward because God tells us to use our brains as well practically!!! And honestly that wouldn't help the situation it would just sorta help!!! But still my mom would still ha e to borrow money And I wouldnt be able to to buy a car even working minimm wage full time hours!!!! Plus if a good job opportunity came knocking I'd have to take the time off work and I need some of that time to
Look for work too and apply for good paying jobs!!! I used to make 6 figures and now no work, no car etc??? Also my former employer left me without any unemployment to collect so that's how I lost my car ultimatly!!!!

I'm really confused as to where I should go do what or wait for answers soooooooo desperate. In fact I'm incredibly anxious right now as Gods telling me to be patient so far Gods been showing me he's sending help my way by a friend that's going to come visit me soon but that's all I get???! What do i do with myself today??? I want so desperatly for that person to come "today". But it may not happen it could be another 10 years until that happens!!!! Pray I can be patient and in the meantime to know what to do my heart can't take anymore heartache and empty promises!!! I'm not sure what to fo with myself right now!!!!! I can read my bible all night long and be exhausted from seeking the word for Gods voice. He seems so silent on taking the confusion away from me! Why do I have to wait!!! Why can't God just reveal truth!!!! Why can't God take away the evil that I'm in the middle of??? Please pray God gives me clarity for I know Gods just!!!

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