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God keeps confirming things to me in a situation I'm in. But at the same time I've got huge doubts as to if somones just messing with me. I'm afraid to state the exact situation but it's like God is speaking supernaturally through the radio in music using song titles to speak to me about marriage with a particular guy!!! Sad part is he happens to be in a band and he has his own music station what's wierd is I turned it on the other day and it was like he himself was speaking to me telling me he loved me!!!! But here's what upsets me about this I wasn't seeking this out to happen!!!! In fact I'm desperate more for Gods direction and words from God and I het this happening to me. So I turn off the radio and go to another station and it happens again!!! Please pray for Satan to be bound in my life!!!! I'm
Desperate to hear "only" from Gpd and of course if my future hobby is doing this pray he comes out of hiding and just eye to eye speak to me about his feelings in person!!!!'. This is ridiculous!!!!!

by Anonymous

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The Lord moves in mysterious ways and uses modern methods to get his message across - don't doubt what you know to Gods words - but you are right to watch out for the greatest mimic the devil - he knows how to get to us !

Rev. Adam ([email hidden from spammers]) | on Apr 19, 2010

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