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Dear Allah, you are the one and only supreme power. You are not big or biggest but BIGGER. Bigger than anything one could compare with. You have existed from forever and will exist forever. You are greater than infinity. You are the source of energy, source of life, and source of spirit in real time. I know you are busy everyday and night and you are watching over all humans and other life forms all over the worlds and universes. I testify that you are the only one supreme power the ONE AND ONLY who governs and rules all worlds. The master of the judgement day, Oh dear Allah, please unite all humans, bless us with peace. Minimize our wrong and bad desires. Make this world a peaceful place. Help us defeat evil with your light and spirit and positive energy. Purify our souls and bodies. Bless everyone who asks you for help and those who are weak bless them with strong faith. Teach me how to improve myself, I wanna be your student my teacher, my mentor, my coach, guide me. I am nothing but your small little servant. You created me, now please take care of me dont let me make wrong decisions. Dont leave me please. I beg you, bless me in this life and in the eternal life. Save me from punishment and humiliation of the judgement day. I know you are the only one who can do justice but I do not seek your justice. I am afraid of your justice so please just only be merciful to me in this life and in next life. I wish your prophets jesus, moses and muhammad will pray to you for the salvation and forgiveness of all the believers, so please accept your beloved prophet's prayer.

We all humans have a lot of differences and problems in this life. This life is a mental hell for many of us. And its all our own fault and due to our own mistakes. So please in the next life unite us all and finish differences. Please dont do justice, just forgive everyone. No one could be BIGGER sinner than the level of your your FORGIVENESS.

We could be sinners, disobedient and bad but we humans are better than satan. We are not proudy, but satan was and is proudy. We submit to you, you are our provider and sustainer. All budhist, jews, christians, muslims, hindu, and thousands of other religious guys they all know about you and believe in you. Even all the ethiest people believe in you deep down their heart but just shy to accept it or say it. You knew we humans are better than satan because satan is pure evil and humans are not pure evil. Sometimes we also do somethings that are good and you might like those acts and deeds and think its cute. I am sure no matter wat we did you still love us and enjoy watching us. We have knowledge because you taught us. We are merciful also because our creator is merciful and gave us some of his qualities. We got some good qualities from you. You know the secret recepie or making a human clean and perfect fit for enter heaven and be closer to you. Could you please clean us all, purify us all before we die. Before its not too late.

I thank you for making me human, and for creating me. I thank you for giving me this life. Thank you every blessing and bounty i enjoyed in this life. Could you please forgive me for my sins and mistakes? Keep me safe and away from evil. Until I live I will keep calling you....please connect with me God, please let me meet with Jesus, Moses, Abrahim, and Muhammad, they could also be my teachers in heaven. I dont wanna enter the gate of hell. You know to some degree I am fighting with evil and to some degree i have let you down. I will never stop talking to you, I will always talk to you in every shape or form in every way. I will use all methods of prayers. I cant let you out of my head and heart. You know it, i am afraid of you. I am not afraid of anyone. Please forgive me and save me and everyone else who has even a little bit faith in you. After all we are all your creatures and you have put souls inside us. Just take watever you wanna take from me. I will still say thank you to you from my heart. I love you...

by Kamran

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